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Australia Supports New Shipping Technology
November 1, 2021

Alpha Prospects Limited, the investment management company focussed on companies with fast growth and/or recovery prospects, releases the Australian Government Glasgow COP26 briefing paper on supporting new shipping technologies. Both Alpha and its investee company, Active Energy Group PLC, are involved in the technology development programme of a new waste energy recovery and low-emissions technology called Low Energy Atomic Reconstruction (LR).  Alpha has been involved in the development of LR technology for over 10 years.


Purpose: The purpose of this note is to outline the commercial and environmental benefits to Australia and the rest of the world of a new waste energy recovery and low-emissions technology called Low Energy Atomic Reconstruction (LR). LR technology has the potential to dramatically reduce global Carbon and, other toxic emissions, from the use of the internal combustion and jet engine. It can make both the extractive fossil fuel, airline and shipping industries Carbon Net Zero contributors to the global economy.

Background: Last week in the Australian Federal Parliament, The Right Honourable Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison and Minister for Resources and innovation The Right Honourable Angus Taylor, expressed their intention for the Government to support the introduction of new technologies to address the global problem of ship generated pollution. LR is such an innovative technology.

By retrofitting conventional engines and generators to run on a combination of water in its gas phase, LR entities and fossil fuels these devices will produce negligible toxic emissions when compared to current outputs. Existing hydrocarbon fossil fuels (petrol, kerosene, diesel & gas) are solely used to achieve the initial operating temperatures and vacuum required to begin the creation, capture and harvesting of the stored atomic fusion energy contained within LR entities. LR is a waste energy recovery, toxic emissions removal system. It is an antidote to human-induced climate change. Previous controlled engineering tests, on gas, petrol, kerosene and diesel powered internal combustion engines and jet turbines, have shown that LR technology, when applied and tuned to specific applications, has the ability to eradicate over 80% of Carbon emissions and enables atomic reconstruction of the Carbon into Oxygen.

Information: Australian born Inventor Fom Al Haut’s MSAT LR IP and Patents are intended to be held in trust by the MSAT LR Foundation with the express purpose that this knowledge and its forms of activation and deployment are for the edification, benefit and cleansing of the climate, biosphere, environment, the planet, and all living organisms on it including humanity.

Commercial Applications: LR technology, in combination with the patented RKlab AG diesel injector, has the potential to solve the crisis across all pollution generating industries, particularly the shipping and power production sectors. Australian developed LR RKL devices have been introduced into Israel by Track-It as the country has a long record of bringing to market new innovations, to be further tested, enhanced, and immediately brought into mass production.

The first LR Technology implementation into the USA Power generation industry will be spear headed through the London based Active Energy Group’s (AEG) new Maine, USA, based hydrocarbon energy pellet facility, producing CoalSwitch. AEG sees a unique opportunity to use bush fire waste wood in Australia, Canada and USA and convert that into Coalswitch pellets for both domestic and international use.

In the Marine space, LR RKL devices are being developed to provide a solution to the emissions and energy optimisation of on-board marine power systems and generators. This initial combustion provides both more efficient burning of the fuel at low temperatures and creates the ideal conditions for the creation of LR entities which the LR technology is able to harness and deploy to further enhance energy efficiency by sequestering waste energy as fuel. The symbiotic nature of the LR and RKIab technology is further enhanced by the low emissions outcomes generated. The RKIab technology combusts the fuel at temperatures too low for the formation of NOx – a harmful by-product of current equipment. The LR technology harnesses marine engine exhaust streams generated by the initial combustion to provide additional power and reconstruct the residual Carbon atoms to increase oxygen output.

Summary: The combination of the LR/RKlab technologies is an exciting breakthrough in reducing carbon emissions in power applications such as Marine, rail, cars and heavy-duty trucks. In environmental terms, this means cleaner air, cheap water and heating, cheaper food, cheaper housing, and higher Oxygen levels in inner cities around the globe.


Active Energy Group

AEG is a biomass based renewable energy business focussed on using its proprietary technology to transform low-cost or waste biomass material into renewable biomass fuels, thus creating next generation biomass products. CoalSwitch is an advanced biomass fuel which uses waste wood residues for feedstock and becomes an advanced energy pellet which can co-fire with coal or replace existing biomass fuels. Under proven testing in the United States, CoalSwitch co-firing with coal shows an immediate reduction in emissions from existing coal fired power plants.

AEG CEO Michael Rowan who has been following the development and testing of the MSAT LR technology in Australia for many years stated: “There is a huge opportunity for Australia to reduce its Carbon foot print and emissions by using our Coalswitch technology. Not only has LR technologies the potential to achieve, based on current test results, record reductions in Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbon, Nitros Oxide and other toxic gas emissions. It can also capture and recycle as fuel the normally lost waste heat energy, whilst increasing the Oxygen levels in the resulting exhaust gases. Waste heat from existing legacy processes, normally escapes into the atmosphere and adds to the heat pollution of both the immediate area and to harmful net global emissions to the earth’s atmosphere.”


The RKlab injector is the next generation of fuel injection technology which acts in harmony with the LR technology. This combination pushes through the 60% thermal efficiency boundary of the internal combustion engine and delivers unprecedented levels of efficiency coupled with the elimination of harmful emissions that blight current equipment.

Gavin Houghton, Managing Director of RKLAB AG says: “The combination of RKlab’s fuel injector with LR technology will breathe new life into emissions reduction efforts around the globe. Asset owners from marine and power to rail and commercial vehicles will be able to adopt these new technologies at a relatively low capital cost. The impact of these investments will directly affect the air that we breathe and the concentrations of emissions in the environment”

Alpha Prospects

Alpha Prospects Ltd is a UK based international investment holding company, now specialising exclusively in Environmental, Social and Governance projects. ALPHA has also acquired the Thailand rights to retrofit cars and trucks with LR technology that eliminates the C02 from exhaust emissions. These units will be manufactured in its factory in Thailand.

Christopher Foster CEO says: “Alpha has been supporting this ground breaking LR technology for over 10 years. Alpha will be one of the founding members of the MSAT LR Foundation and has already been instrumental in introducing several of the international companies that are acquiring licenses via joint ventures for the multiple applications of this LR technology around the world.”

trackIT Global

trackIT Global is an IT help desk software for IT teams, delivering a powerful suite of integrated modules for help desk, asset management, knowledge management, change management, purchase management and endpoint management.

trackIT Global’s CEO Avi Azulai stated: “Australia’s announcement that it intends to actively support the funding and implementation of new technologies for the shipping industry is welcome. Australia’s willingness to help developed and assist in making immediately available new cutting-edge, state of the art, high tech solutions is a valuable contribution to the current world effort on emissions reduction. So the world knows, two independent complimentary technologies both pioneered, built and tested in Australia have now been combined. These are now being implemented thru the Swiss based RKlab AG and the now Australian, USA, UK and Israel based LR technologies”.”


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