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Europe Technology Licence Acquisition
September 2, 2022

“This technology gives unprecedented reduction in harmful emissions
whilst simultaneously dramatically increasing oxygen levels from near zero to near normal atmospheric levels in engine applications.”

Alpha Prospects Ltd, the investment management company focussed on companies with fast growth prospects, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Strike Foundation Guarantee Limited (SFGL), Strategic Technology Resources Industry Knowledge and Empowerment Ltd (STRIKE) and Strike Ground Zero Ltd (SGZ) to license intellectual property for the reduction of chimney emissions on both coal and wood burning generator plants. Under the agreement, SGZ intends to assist with technicians, mechanics, scientists and engineers. STRIKE Foundation’s innovative new intellectual property is a clean water-based Low Energy Atomic Reconstruction (LEAR) technology. This licence agreement is for Europe, for chimneys in both coal and wood waste generator applications. The technology has been successfully tested on premises using Alpha’s licensed prototype, supplied by SGZ using a world standard, state of the art, 5 gas analyser. The technology can be retro fitted to all existing engines.

The STRIKE Foundation technologies have proved they can achieve, based on past and current test results, record reductions in Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbon and other toxic components of exhaust gas emissions. It can also capture and recycle as a fuel, the normally lost waste heat energy, this occurs whilst increasing the Oxygen levels in the resulting exhaust gases. Waste heat from existing legacy processes, normally escapes into the atmosphere and adds to the heat and chemical pollution of both the immediate area and to harmful net global emissions to the earth’s atmosphere.

Using this process, the heat is recaptured and stored as fuel through the SGZ retrofit to existing coal and wood waste furnaces. It will significantly increase the power output delivered by the plant, per BTU of energy input inherent in the coal and or wood waste. The SGZ technology is a low capital cost technical solution per unit of output, with very low operating costs. In addition to waste heat capture and reprocessing, the retrofit of onsite generators will boost Oxygen levels in emissions while eliminating most of the Carbon Dioxide [CO2], Carbon Monoxide [CO], Hydrocarbons, toxins, soot and heat pollution which generator plants have previously emitted using existing legacy outdated equipment. The purchase price for the Chimney licence was £5.25m GBP. AP has settled this by the issue of 52,500,00 Alpha Prospects ordinary shares at 10p each.

AP acquired the US Chimney license in March of this year.

AP believes this novel Quantum revolutionary cutting-edge technology, which using its unique form and function, of the STRIKE Foundation technology, has the potential to change the environmental prospects of Hydrocarbons globally. After extensive negotiations, AP has acquired the first exclusive license to use the SGZ chimney technology. The IP and Patents are held in trust by the STRIKE Foundation with the express purpose that this knowledge and its forms of activation and deployment are for the edification, benefit and empowerment of the climate, biosphere, environment, the planet and all living organisms on it, including humanity. The STRIKE Foundation has been set up to develop and spread climate change reducing technology.


Previous controlled scientific tests on Petrol, Gas, Diesel engines and Kerosene jet engine powered electrical generators have shown that STRIKE USA technology, when applied and tuned to specific applications, has the ability to eradicate over 80% of Carbon emissions and enables the atomic reconstruction of the Carbon into Oxygen. These exhaust gas results have been, in addition to our own tests and other independent tests, have also been verified independently by an authorised, licensed UK Government Agency in London.

Alpha Prospects is proud to have been instrumental over the past decade in assisting in the funding and implementation of this technology. Being the first to recognise the potential of the technology and to partner with the development, this agreement consolidates its commercial reward.

It’s the intention that the STRIKE Foundation issue 30 licences to Strike USA, via its licensing company, Strategic Technology Resources Industry Knowledge and Empowerment Ltd. STRIKE USA intends to incorporate the 30 licenses into a Public Listing planned on the Nasdaq OTC market. Alpha plans to participate in that Strike USA OTC quotation. Which will provide liquidity for Alpha shareholders by capitalising its licence into the float. Following the floatation of STRIKE USA Alpha proposes to consider re-floating in its own right either in the UK or in the USA.


“This licence agreement together with the US Chimney license is the culmination of many years work with the Strike Foundation to develop a technology that can revolutionise the hydrocarbon industry, which is vital to many countries economies. By allowing the burning of coal, oil and gas without the emission of toxins that pollute the atmosphere and cause global warming, the technology will boost the world economy and will save the planet, prevent global warming and climate change when fully implemented.”

The use of the technology on gas, petrol and diesel cars can also solve many of the world’s problems with pollution.

This is a defining moment in history, defeating CO2, Global warming and climate change is now cemented in as the future corner stone of Alpha Prospects itself.”


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