Alpha Prospects Limited

Chairman’s Statement 2023 Accounts
July 26, 2023

I am pleased to present the financial results for Alpha Prospects Limited for the 12month period ending 28 February 2023

The comprehensive loss for the period was £29,726 which was in line with the Board’s expectations. Total assets increased from £2,973,434 to £12,908,329 due to the acquisitions made in the year.

The Company currently holds 11 investments in a range of companies across several sectors but in recent years the Company has focussed on the energy sector and in particular taken up “green energy “opportunities where the primary goal is to reduce emissions of gases that are harmful to the World’s environment.

Share issued

During the period the Company has issued

  1. 73,733,277  Ordinary shares at 10p
  2. 37,164,300   Ordinary shares at 7p
  3. 1,382,000 warrants exercised at a price of 2p

Between 1 March and 31 August 2023, 1,097,663 ordinary shares were issued at 10p.

US Technology License Acquisition

The Company has purchased in March 2022 from Strike Foundation, Strategic Technology and Strike Group Zero ( SGZ ) a license and intellectual property for the specialised technology which eliminates chimney emissions from both coal and wood burning power stations. This license agreement is for the area of the USA and the Company has an option for Canada and Mexico,

SGZ has developed proven new technologies that can achieve record reductions in Carbon Dioxide (C02 ) Carbon Monoxide and other toxic gas emissions. We are confident that by the adoption of this technology it will ensure that power stations around the World will satisfy current ESG concerns and probably future ones as it is so environmentally beneficial. The purchase price for the US Chimney Licence was £5.25m. The Company has settled this by the issue of 75m Alpha Prospect ordinary shares at 7p each. Subsequently in September 2022 the Company purchased an additional licence from Strike Foundation for Europe. The purchase price being £5.25m, settled by the issue of 52.5m shares at 10p each.

SGZ have working examples in Canada. Australia, Maldives, Thailand and the UK.


AP has also entered into a joint venture with SGZ regarding the use of SGZ technology for retrofitting motor vehicles in Thailand by significantly reducing exhaust emissions.

Clifton Africa

Through its subsidiary Stratton Estates has signed a contract with the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban Planning to construct 10,000 homes in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Africa over the next 10 years

Post 28 February 2023

In May the Company announced it signed an agreement with Strike Energy Inc to transfer its licencing interests

in the MSAART technology in exchange for 15% of the share capital of Strike Energy Inc. In July the company announced that it owns 10% of Strike Foundation Guarantee Limited. These investments will form one of the main pillars of growth for the Company as the MSAART technology is deployed around the globe.

Finally, on behalf of the Board I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Company’s advisors for their support and assistance throughout the year.

Dr. Steven Freudmann


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