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Transforming low value biomass material into next generation biomass fuels


CoalSwitch® Highlights 


More sustainable

  •  Made from low-cost wood derived biocarbon from forestry & lumber operations
  • Reduces life-cycle emissions of coal burning by 99%
  • Double-digit reductions in NOx and SOx

Completely compatible

  • Can be co-fired at any blend rate with traditional coal
  • Handles like coal – transported, stored & ground in existing equipment
  • Demonstrated performance without fouling

Upends traditional cost model

  • Parity with coal on a Total Cost of Ownership model • No CapEx costs for compliance
  • Reduced need for offsets or penalty payments
The first premium pellet that can be blended with coal as a better biomass solution than white pellets with our increased carbon density
CoalSwitch Cycle
  • AEG has established an active test program to co-fire coal and CoalSwitch®
  • Proven – CoalSwitch® can be co-fired with immediate environmental and emissions benefits
  • CoalSwitch® can be handled in power generation facilities with limited to zero CapEx required for reconfiguration
  • CoalSwitch® provides opportunity to extend life of current coal plants and meet increasing and immediate environmental regulations.



Performance Data from Co-firing Tests and Analysis

Performance Impact

Turnkey CO2 Reduction Solution for Hard-to-Decarbonize Industries

Cement - Pulp Paper - Steel - Power Generation
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Current & Future Plant Locations

Future Plant Locations
  • Breathes life into rural areas previously reliant on the lumber and pulp industry 
  • New England, Pacific Northwest and Gulf Coast are regions of prime interest for future expansion plans

Ashland Facility – a Partnership with Player Design

  • The Ashland Facility is an already operational production facility for wood products
  • Engineering and project planning is complete for construction of the first industrial CoalSwitch® production facility
  • Constructed by Player Design, Inc.
  • First commercial deliveries of CoalSwitch® expected to commence in Q2 2023
Ashland Facility
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April 2023